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03 November 2006

Kshirabdhi Shayana Narayana

I have several tapes of Sathya Sai Baba singing bhajans and I was listening to one of them the other night. Incidentally this was the first tape I ever received so I was listening and recalling some happy memories along with it. And then I came across Sai Baba singing the bhajan 'Kshirabdhi Shayana Narayana'. Here are the lyrics:

Kshirabdhi Shayana Narayana
Sri Lakshmi Ramana Narayana
Narayana Hari Narayana
Bhakta Jana Paripala Narayana

This is a bhajan in praise of Sriman Narayana (Lord Vishnu). The lyrics above represent how they are written in all of the bhajan books. The last line is a glorification of Sriman Narayana as the protector of His devotees, which is why 'bhakta' is mentioned.The funny thing is how Sai Baba sings it as:

"Natajana paripala Narayana"

Now this makes no sense, because 'Natajana' is a name indicative of Lord Shiva, a totally different deity. 'Natajana' roughly means 'Lord of the Dance' and is similar to the name 'Nataraja', another name of Shiva which means 'King of the Dance'. In that context, Sai Baba appears to be glorifying Narayana, the protector of Natajana (Shiva)?!

Yet another example of how confused Sai Baba is when it comes to a simple thing like singing bhajans.


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At 19 December, 2006 04:45, Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
Little knowledge is dangerous.
The word you are referring to is 'Nathajana' and not 'noTa jana'.. Using 'tha' as in Thames!!

It means a 'anatha' or shelterless or supportles. It has nothing do with Nataraja or Shiva.The Only person who seems to be confused seems will be be you in this case...Baba sings it as 'Nathajana' too..I have heard the original tape..
By the way, even if it is 'nata jana', it has no meaning, and certanly not to shiva in any case..

At 08 September, 2008 05:01, Blogger Sai Anoop said...

Dear Friend,
Please leave useless people like this alone. They have nothing better to do. They will not do sadhana themselves and try to create unneccessary issues. Obviously, they think they are the great saints/prophets who have come to spread the message of God by so-called "exposing" others and the fate of mankind rests in their blog. I believe this comment will not get shown on the blog. :P

At 08 September, 2008 23:31, Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Sai Anoop, including your opinion that I am a "useless" person.

At 18 December, 2009 20:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Natajana has nothing to do with Nataraja.

Natajana refers to Jana - people) Protector of all species is Narayana.

Kindly do not show off your ignorance.

At 15 July, 2010 02:59, Blogger saidaas said...

We Love Sathya Sai!


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